The link to REGISTER ONLINE - can be found on each CLUB'S website...the member must look for REGISTER ONLINE link

1. Once the parent/guardian has access to the system, they must login. Their Club Administrator will provide them with the appropriate link.


2. Once the parent has logged in, from the left column, the parent must click “REGISTRATION” and then chose the Registration they wish to register for. The program name will be descriptive as more than one option may appear. If no options appear, this means that the Club does not have any registrations live. NOTE: These registrations are setup by the Club Administrators.



3. Once the registration has been selected, the parent must click “Create New Registration”



4. Registration Process


A. The parent must acknowledge the “Email Consent and Usage” clause and also “Accept” the waiver.

B. The parent must enter their parent information.

C. The parent must enter their child’s information.

D. The parent must then complete “Child Registration”. Only eligible categories will populate based on the child’s gender and date of birth.

E. If the parent is ready, they must then navigate to “MAKE PAYMENT” and complete their payment information.




NOTE: The Club will determine to offer ONLINE payment only, OFFLINE payment only, or BOTH options for ONLINE and OFFLINE payments. Some Clubs have elected to offer the Online Interac option. If so, this will appear as an option at the “MAKE PAYMENT” screen.

The member will receive an email with a copy of their invoice and registration confirmation once payment has been made.  If the member chooses OFFLINE PAYMENT, they will receive confirmation to take with them to the club to make the payment in person, or as per the instructions provide to them by their club.