At the beginning of each Season, a GYMNASTIC CLUB must complete the following steps and SUBMIT THEIR REGISTRATION FOR APPROVAL before they can REGISTER their athletes to the PROVINCIAL GOVERNING BODY.

Club Admins must follow the following steps:

  1. Log into the ITSN system by going to the login page
  2. Then change the season to 2014/15 (current season)
  3. Then Click on Setup->Club Information
  4. Complete the information on this page and click SAVE.  Then click on SUBMIT REGISTRATION REQUEST.
  5. This then sends the information to your Provincial Governing Body which they can review and APPROVE your registration for the season.
  • IVRNET can not APPROVE any club registrations. This is done at the Provincial Governing Body level - please contact them directly to ask when this will be approved.
  • Once the Province has approved the Club's Registration for the Season, the Club will no longer see the "waiting for registration approval" notice and can then proceed to register their members to the province.