Google searches will sometimes bring up OLD webpages that are no longer used, but are still live within their search indexed pages.  

The Club or Web Master (owner of the website) is the only person that can remove that page from the Google Indexed Search pages.

The Club Web Master can remove a page and out of the "Google indexed searched pages" by following the steps listed below.  

To remove an old page that Google has indexed.

1. Remove that page from the clients website.

2. Remove all links that point to that page on the clients website.

To possibly speed up the process do the following.

3. Create a Google Web Master account (

4. Verify the website in Web Master account. To do this we would need ftp access so we can upload a text file onto that clients server where the website is hosted. All this really does is just confirms that you are the owner of the site and have access to the website files.

Once the website has been verified. Then you can follow the steps on this site (the link you sent).

Go to the Remove outdated content page.

In the "Enter URL of outdated content" box, paste the URL of the page. (Learn how to find the URL of the page) Click Request removal.

If you see the message "This content is gone," click Request Removal.

If you see the message "The page is still live on the web" but the page has already been removed, click Submit feedback and we’ll look into the issue.