Member Login Button does not appear for Resident

If this button is missing and it should be available for the resident, please follow these instructions:

1 - Go to the Customer Summary Page

2 - If the member does not have a Member Login Button, click Member Select

3 - If you see the member's name, click Select

4 - If not, click Add New and it will be added automatically

5 - Return to the Customer Summary Page and you will now see the Member Login Button available.

If the Member Login Button still does not appear, the member may not have an email address on file.  Please follow the steps below, then go back to the above instructions, to add the Member Login Button.

1. On the Register tab, click [Customers] under View/manage. Search for the resident. Click [Select] next to the correct customer.


2. If there is no Member Login button present, the customer may not have an e-mail address registered. Click [Details] to check.



 3. Near the bottom of the page, look for Customer Email. Fill in their e-mail address and click [Save].


4.  [Member Login] now appears at the top of the screen next to [Details]. Click on [Member Login].  If the customer has an email address and the Member Login button still does not appear, please open a support ticket with Ivrnet.



5. Click [Email New Password].  The customer will receive an email with their password to use for online registration.