If you are a MEMBER trying to register and you can not log in:


Go to your Club's website and click on the "Online Registration" button to get to the Member's Area.


  • I forgot my password Simply click on the phrase "forgot my password" and the system will email you a password reset link.


  • I changed my e-mail addresses since I last logged-in Not a problem, simply log-in with your old e-mail address, type in your password and you will gain access to the system. Before you do anything else, click on "Profile" and change your e-mail address and that of all members of your family. 


  • I changed my e-mail address since I last logged–in and I forgot my password Clicking "I forgot my password" won’t help here because the system will email you a password reset link, to your old email address which you cannot access. In this case, e-mail the Club Administrator  and the Club Administrator can update the password for the member/parent.


If you did not receive the automated system password reset link within a few minutes, please expand your windows box to the largest size, check your junk mail, check your spouse’s e-mail.

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact your CLUB directly as they will be able to assist you.