I am trying to build a team roster.  I have made my teams, but now it is asking for approval. Who approves them?

If your club is not connected to a provincial governing body within the system, please follow these instructions on how to complete the setup of your Team Rosters.

If you club IS connected to a provincial governing body, they will be the ones to approve your rosters.

Rosters do not require Approval, if you are not connected to a provincial governing body.

If you setup Divisions and add your teams to those divisions, you can then use Report ->Member Reports ->Team Roster by Division report to view their rosters.

Go to Setup->Setup Divisions

Click Add New

Enter the Division Name and corresponding Category.  Repeat as necessary.

To Add Teams, click Select beside the division name.

Click Add Teams

Select the names of the team(s) that need to be added to the division.  Click Add Select Teams button

You can also click EDIT beside a division name to access the division settings.

Once your team rosters are attached by Division, you can then save and email those rosters to their coaches.

As divisions are added, they will automatically become a part of the pre-existing folder under Communicate - Page Admin, labelled "House League Teams"  No need to do anything here - they will automatically show up.

The teams need to be added to a division in order to appear online on your website under League Schedules and Standings.