The Java Applet is required on any computer that will be using the Administration portion of the Ivrnet Tee Time Booking system.

he Java Applet tells your computer how to respond to a language the Administration portion of Ivrnet Golf uses. You only need to install the Java Applet once.

To install the Java Applet just follow these simple steps:

1. Open your web browser and go to this URL:




You may wish to add this page to your favorites/bookmarks for easy access later.

2. Enter your Login ID and Password (PIN). If you do not have this login information, please contact Ivrnet Support at 1.866.829.3335.



3. The first time you run you may see a yellow notice at the top of your browser window after logging into the system. Click the yellow bar.


 4.4. When y      4.  When you click on the yellow bar a drop down menu appears. Choose the option to “Install ActiveX Control”.



5. You will receive an Internet Explorer Security Warning. Click the Install button. This will install the necessary version of Java required to successfully run the Ivrnet Tee Time Booking system. The version name/number will change as Sun releases updates for Java.



6. Choose the “Typical setup” option, then click the Accept button. The system will then install the necessary Java Runtime Environment. This may take several minutes.



7. When your screen says “Installation Completed”, click the “Finish” button.



The Tee Time Booking system will open and you will be presented with the Tee Sheet for today’s play.


It is imperative that you change the link, whether you saved it as a Favorite or you have it set as your default Home Page. The link you need to have set is: (no www at the beginning). You will notice that the name changes after going to the page. This happens because the proshop link will always       re-direct you to the most current version of the Ivrnet Tee Time Booking software.


If you already have the Java Applet installed on your computer, you may need to reinstall it to get the correct version required to run the Tee Time Booking Software. The version required always be posted on the login page of the Ivrnet Tee Time Booking System.

This information is intended to guide you through the update.


If you receive any kind of errors or messages after you login, you need to do the following, in this order:

1. Click the “Start” menu button and click on “Control Panel”.

2. Double click the icon “Add or Remove Programs”


3. You will see the following screen. You will need to remove ALL instances of the Java Runtime Environment (this particular example shows three items that should be removed). Each must be done individually. Click to highlight the one you want to remove, then click the “Remove” button. Follow any additional prompts. When all have been removed, close and exit the Control Panel.



The Runtime Environment versions you have installed on your machine may not be exactly as shown.

4. Now go back to and try to Login. You will be prompted to download and install the required software as explained at the beginning of this chapter. Accept the terms and allow it to “Run” – don’t save to your hard drive. If you still have any problems, follow the instructions at the bottom of the Login screen (explained below):      

Follow these instructions (also noted on the Login screen*)

If you are getting an Internet Explorer error please go to to update your Java. Download and install "Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 ". *The version required will always be posted on the Login page. As well, the most current version will be posted as a link on the Ivrnet Help Desk. Go to, click “Downloads” then choose the “Current Java for Golf Application” link from the Ivrnet Golf section.

You should now be able to Login and run error free.