There are two different menu bars. The “outside” or main menu bar has four menu options: File, Club, Windows and Help. These menu options are always available to you when logged in.

The “inside” menu bar is the inner-most menu, and is visible only when using Club Tee Sheets/Templates. By default, the Tee Sheet applicable to today’s date is open when you log into the system.

The outside menu bar options are accessible in two ways: You can use your mouse to left click on them, or you can use your keyboard. If using your keyboard, hold down the “Alt” button, and while it is held down, press the letter “f” to access the File menu, the letter “c” to access the Club menu, the letter “w” to access the Windows menu, and the letter “h” to access the Help menu

Keyboard Commands
allow you to access menus using keystrokes instead of using a mouse.

File Menu Options

Currently the only File menu option is the exit command, accessible by left clicking your mouse on File, then choosing “Exit” from the drop down list, or using your keyboard and holding down the “Ctrl” key and the “x” key at the same time.

Club Menu Options

There can be six different Club menu options listed. Tee Sheets/Templates, Announcements, Member/Public Player List, Booking/Playing Rights, Events, and Reports.

NOTE:    If your club does not use the Balloting and/or Event Manager feature of the Ivrnet Tee Time Booking system, the Events option will not be visible.

Windows Menu Options

The Windows menu option allows you to view and toggle back and forth between the different menus that you have open. Clicking on the “Windows” menu item will provide you with a drop down list of all open windows.

Help Menu Options

The Help menu option provides customer support contact information. If you have questions or need assistance with the Ivrnet Tee Time Booking Application, please contact