The default screen that the system displays when you first login to the program is the Tee Sheet for today’s play. The Tee Sheet allows you to manage day-to-day activities, handle bookings, cancellations, and a host of other daily tasks .

The Template is used to generate multiple tee sheets with similar features, simultaneously. Templates can be created in numerous configurations, but the ultimate responsibility is to apply its format to multiple dates of tee sheets.

The Tee Sheets/Templates window has its own set of menu options: File, Edit, View, Tools, and Help. They allow you access to all the different functions and features available for use when working with Tee Sheets and Templates. They also are accessible in two ways: You can use your mouse to left click on them, or you can use your keyboard. If using your keyboard, hold down the “Alt” button, and while it is held down, press the letter “f” to access the File menu, the letter “e” to access the Edit menu, the letter “v” to access the View menu, the letter “t” to access the Tools menu, and the letter “h” to access the Help menu.


File Menu Options

The File menu allows you to create New Templates, open Existing Templates, open Existing Tee Sheets, Save As (copy) Existing Templates, or delete Existing Templates. Choosing “Exit” will exit you from the “Club – Tee sheets/Templates” module, but not from the program.



Edit Menu Options

The Edit Menu allows you to Cut, Copy, Paste or Delete information on a tee sheet or template.


This does not allow the tee sheet or template to be cut, copied, pasted or deleted. Example: You may want to cut, copy players from one tee sheet and transfer them to another tee sheet. You may want to remove players (delete) from a time on a tee sheet. You may choose the “Copy Tee Sheet Layout Expert” wizard to copy previous tee sheet(s) to a date or range of dates, saving you a lot of time. This Copy function applies to Tee Sheets only, not Templates.

Copy Tee Sheet Layout Expert – Important Note:
This wizard works only by copying past or previous tee sheets to current or future dates. You cannot copy a tee sheet from the future to an earlier date.




For complete instructions on using the Copy Tee Sheet Layout Expert, please see Chapter 9 - Advanced Tee Sheet Tips & Tricks “Copy Tee Sheet Layout Export”.


View Menu Options

The View Menu allows you to choose the view your active Template or Tee Sheet: Front, Back (they may be the names of your nines), Cross Over View, or Template View. 










The Customize option in the view menu allows you to customize how you view your active Template or Tee Sheet, allowing you to make certain customizations right on the Template or Tee Sheet.

· Time, Booking Type and Crossover Type are the options that are available to customize the way an active Template is presented.


· Time, Booking Type, Cross Over Type, Time Booked, Booked By, Note, and further control of Golfers are the options available to customize the way an active Tee Sheet is presented.



The Synchronize Actions option tells the system to scroll the back nine at the same time, or in synch, with the front nine. If you scroll down to the bottom of the tee sheet on the front nine, the back nine will scroll to the bottom as well. If you choose not to synchronize the actions, the back nine (or any other nine for golf courses with more than two nines) will not scroll to the bottom with the front nine. Instead, it will remain stationary.


With a Tee Sheet open, choosing the Show Defaults & Applicability option will show the default settings for the tee time intervals and nine hole duration. It can be handy to have in view all the time if you change tee time intervals or nine hole durations on the Tee Sheet, but you must take into consideration that changing these values will apply to the entire day. If you wish to change intervals for a portion of the day, use the Adjust Tee Time option located in the Tools dropdown menu.

Defaults and Applicability are absolutely necessary for creating Templates. The viewable default settings on the Template include Tee Time intervals and Nine Hole duration. Applicability provides the means to “apply” the Template format to an individual Tee Sheet date or to a range of days and dates.


Tools Menu Options

The Tools Menu gives you detailed control of your tee sheets. It consists of the following options: Refresh, Adjust Tee Times, Rule Overrides, Tee Sheet Accessibility, Verify Confirmation Number, Player Search, Member Search, Unsynched Tee Sheets, Unresolved Bookings, Park Bookings, and Shotgun Expert.



The Refresh option forces the tee sheet to refresh with any changes that have occurred. There are three ways to Refresh a Tee Sheet:

1. Using the drop down menu from the Tools option on the Tee Sheet,

2. Pressing the “Refresh” button on the shortcut bar on the face of the Tee Sheet, or

3. Pressing the F5 key.


The Adjust Tee Times option provides a tremendous amount of design flexibility whether working with a Template or with a Tee Sheet.

Template Usage:

Create a Template with the configuration you want at the earliest possible start time for the season. After saving the configuration, you can then adjust start times for additional Templates to be created from the original Template, usually in 15 to 30 minute intervals (forward or backward). This is exceptionally convenient when setting up Templates in geographic areas where there could be up to 2-3 hours difference from the latest and earliest start times in a season. The procedure for creating multiple Templates from a single Template is reviewed in greater detail in Chapter 4 – Creating Templates.

Tee Sheet Usage:

This is great for creating time shifts due to frost delays. The “Shift Tee Time Block” will allow you to go forward or backward up to 30 minutes at a time, and up to one hour in total either way. Other features allow you to change Tee Time Interval spacing at any time during the day, so if you need some spacing flexibility, this will allow you to do it. For example, you can start with intervals of 7 & 8 at 7:00 AM and change the afternoon spacing to 8 & 9 starting at 1:00 PM. You can quickly make the changes, and when completed, simply click on Refresh to view the changes on the template or tee sheet.



If all tee times will be delayed for an hour, you would enter 30 minutes, click the OK button, then go back and shift the tee time block another 30 minutes.


The Rule Overrides option can be used on both the Template and the Tee Sheet. It provides increased flexibility to adjust course rule management beyond the default settings.

Template Rule Overrides Usage:

Example: the Club allows a normal booking window of three days. On Saturdays, those playing the course when the tee sheet booking window opens for Tuesday will not have equal access to book. This could apply to all Tuesdays, hence the option to use a Template. Clicking on Rule Overrides allows the Administrator to review the booking and playing rights for every member type and revise them to reflect the change the course demands. In the above example, the override would apply to all membership types that would normally have three day advance booking privileges, and the booking window for Tuesdays would now open on Thursday at 7:00 AM. Since this is applied to a Template, this could be applied to every Tuesday all season if desired. Once the changes are made, Close the Template to automatically refresh the changes, then re-open it to apply to specific dates throughout the season.

Tee Sheet Rule Overrides Usage:

Overrides at the Tee Sheet level will apply to a single date only. As an example, juniors may normally book only one day in advance of the day of play. If you had a special junior event planned and wanted Juniors to be able to book more than one day in advance of the event, you would use the Tee Sheet Rule Override feature to increase their privileges for the day in question only. Once the changes are made, Refresh the Tee Sheet and the changes will apply.


The Tee Sheet Accessibility feature allows the golf course to control the type of access their golfers have to that particular tee sheet. There are three different modes: Open to Bookings, View Only Till (for a set time period), or Totally Blocked Till (which completely blocks the tee sheets and bookings to members). Choose the option you require, and if making View Only or Blocking, select the date and time that the tee sheet will again become available for members to book.




Golfers have normal access to the tee sheet with all of their rules and privileges intact.

View Only Till

Golfers can only view the tee sheet until a specific date and time. They cannot book, cancel or modify any information on the tee sheet until the specified date and time has elapsed.

Totally Blocked Till

Golfers cannot view the tee sheet until a specific date and time. They cannot book, cancel or modify any information on the tee sheet until the specified date and time has elapsed.


As an example, to place the tee sheet into “View Only Till” mode, select that option from the drop down list and click on the date button to select which date (default is today’s date). A calendar will pop up to choose the date. Click the “OK” button once you have selected the appropriate date and time for the Tee Sheet to “re-open to bookings”.


Returning the Tee Sheet to Open Mode:
If you want to return the tee sheet to Open mode in advance of the clock date and time, select “Open” from the drop down menu and click the “OK” button. You do not need to select a date a time to switch accessibility back to Open.


When you have selected the appropriate date and time, click the “OK” button on the Tee Sheet Accessibility screen.

Follow the same steps to Totally Block tee sheet access from golfers.


The Verify Confirmation Number option allows you to verify a booking a member has made using the Confirmation number they received when making their booking. Without the Confirmation number this feature will not be able to verify their booking in this manner.




The Player Search option allows you to locate a player, based on their last name, who is booked on the tee sheet. Enter the first few letters of their last name in the blank field and click the “Search” button. A window will open with a list of names of players with similar last names, the starting nine (Nine), the tee off time (Tee Time), the “original tee time” (Original Tee Time), and the starting hole in a shotgun (Shotgun Start) if applicable.

Locate Player Window

The Player Name, Nine, Tee Time, Original Tee Time, and Shotgun Start (if applicable) will appear in this window if a player’s name appears on the tee sheet. This enables you to quickly locate players. You may enter new names in the text area and click the “Search” button if you wish to search for additional players. Clicking the “Close” button removes the search popup window.


Tee Time – shows the current tee off time.

Original Tee Time – shows the original tee time booked in the event a tee time adjustment as been made or enforced.

Shotgun Start (the starting hole in a shotgun format).


The Member Search option opens up the member list. From here you may search for active or inactive members by their Name, Login ID or Phone Number. Checking the Show active records only checkbox will provide a list of active members only. To get more historic information, uncheck the Show active records only checkbox. To refine a member search, clicking on the drop down Members category will list only members of a particular member category. Example: Principal will list only Principal members.



The Unsynched Tee Sheets option will provide you with a list of all tee sheets that are “not in sync” with the Templates they were generated from. For example, if you make changes to a Template, the Template may have been applied to numerous Tee Sheets. Unsynchronized means the changes to the Template have not been transferred to the applicable Tee Sheets, and until they are synchronized, the look of the Template and it’s resulting Tee Sheets will not be the same. See  – Working with TeeSheets - “Unsynced Command” for advanced details.



The Unresolved Bookings option provides you with a list of all player bookings that were displaced due to tee sheet changes. There may be days when the tee sheet needs to be changed. For example, a regular continuation may have been planned, but you now need a cross over or shotgun. If the tee sheet already has bookings on it when this decision is made, the system will try to populate the new or changed tee sheet with the bookings that were previously made. However, if the system cannot automatically populate all of the bookings, those bookings become Unresolved. Choosing the Unresolved Bookings menu item will display a list of all of the unresolved bookings for that day.

To manually resolve these bookings, on the tee sheet, select the time you wish to populate with golfers and highlight the required number of golfers columns needed for this tee time. When the appropriate amount of cells are highlighted, use your mouse to right click anywhere in the highlighted area. This will bring up a drop down menu. Choose Resolve Bookings.


From this list, highlight (by clicking and dragging with your mouse) the appropriate number of golfers that are to be inserted into this tee time and click the “OK” button. The names you have chosen will populate the tee time you have highlighted.


If there are no unresolved bookings, you will receive a message stating “No unresolved bookings”.


The Park Bookings option allows you to Park and Unpark player bookings. The park function will copy and paste all current bookings to a pasteboard where they will be saved. This is a very important function to use if making changes to a tee sheet. It will ensure that the bookings are not lost. Once you have made your tee sheet changes you can Unpark the bookings and the system will attempt to place all players back onto the tee sheet at the closest time to which they were originally booked.


The Shotgun Expert option helps you create shotguns with the use of the Shotgun Expert wizard. Refer to – Creating a Shotgun for a detailed tutorial using the Shotgun Expert wizard