How do I EDIT the DOB (date of birth) in the Members Area?

Unfortunately, the only way to edit the Date of Birth in the Members Area is for the Member to do it themselves.  Once they log into the Members Area - they can click on PROFILE - and update their family information here.

When the member registers to a program for a new season, this PROFILE information that was updated, will then update at the Club.

The Club Administrator or Club Registrar are not able to do this on the Admin login area.

When updating ADULT Date of Birth - How the system works.

The club admin may have updated the player record DOB in v21 but that doesn't update the member record DOB.  The parent or any adult can log into the Members Area and go to their profile and add/edit a DOB and then their member record will have a DOB.  If it's different than the player record then once a registration takes place, the member record will replace the player record.