How do I update My Schedules and Standings for the new Season?

Each season, if you have this link on your website, you will have to update it each season.  

(This is only if you are not using ITWebMaster - if you have your own website or an Accrisoft Website, please follow the information below)

Log into ITSN V2.1

Go to Communicate-Page Admin - and click Launch Website

From here - look to where your Schedule and Standings page that you wish to update to the new season is located. (all clubs have it under different tab names - look for the one that will display what you are looking for).

Once you find the page, go to it - then copy and paste the URL from this page, so that you can later access it.

The next step is to go to your website. For the instructions below, we will show you how to update in Ivrnet's Website Product - Accrisoft

Login to your Admin site for your Website via Accrisoft

Click on Web Pages on the left hand side menu options and then click EDIT beside the page where your schedules and standings appear.

Click HTML view only...

Now - from the URL that you copied and pasted into a safe place, you will need to look for the division ID and the season ID as noted below and update the link in the HTML coding as shown below as well.

Click Preview and Save to view the change.  You may have to click REFRESH in your browser after this update, when you go to your website - to see the changes.

IF YOU DO NOT have access to this area in Accrisoft, please submit a ticket to and our team will be able to assist you.