How do I create a refund and remove the athlete from the class list?


Go to Register->Point of Sale
Search for family whose invoice needs adjusting. I.E. Last name (or partial of name)
Select the family in question, this will show you ALL their invoices. Now you need to select which invoice to adjust. You may also wish to void if an invoice is no longer needed.


Once you open the invoice in question, click on the Create Refund and this will bring you to the Credit Note area.

Open the Select Invoice Items to Credit and choose which product(s) to credit. Then click on the Credit Selected Items button.


NOTE - As you go through this process, there is an UNREGISTER field that is automatically checked off - which means when the refund is completed, the player will be unregistered to your club for the season, based on the items being credited during the refund.

At this point you can either leave it until ready to actually process the return to the customer OR go ahead and record how the funds were returned to the customer. <This is called Issue Payment>

If issuing a cheque or processing a credit card return it is a good idea to have either the cheque number or return authorization code. This information can then be added to the Credit Note once you apply the payment process.

{Please note that making changes here to the invoice will not generate any returns. You still needs to go into your Merchant Account and actually process the returns/voids or payments.}

A good practise here is to go to the Financial Reports, RUN the Registration New Payment Report and open the Invoice in question. We suggest emailing the customer the Invoice with the added notes about the return. (They then have a copy of this as well.)