How to Email Club Tax Receipts to members

Log into the ITSN Admin site

Click on REPORTS->Financial Reports->Registration New Payment Report

Then make sure you select the correct season and click search.

In the grid - look to the bottom left hand corner - there is a blue number.

That is your completed and paid registrations.

Click on that number. This will provide the listing of the invoices in the spreadsheet.

Then select the top "square box" to select all...this will select all of the invoices.

Then scroll down to the bottom of the page.

You will see an option to add a subject line - "add - tax receipt" to the subject line

Enter in your message - and the click - send email to selected invoices.

This will blind copy all invoices to your members. If there are many invoices, the system may tell you that it will send them in batches or later in the day.