If a class is full, any participants that are added will be placed on a wait list. Their status will be indicated on the class participant list as 'wait list'. The wait listed participants will be shown in the order they were added to the class. If one or more spots becomes available, an action of '[Register]' will show next to the wait listed participants. You click on the 'Register' action next to the participant that is to be moved off the wait list. This can be repeated until the class is full again. Automatic email notifications are sent when participants are moved from the wait list to a registered status.


If the participant was added to the wait list via Online Registration or Point of Sale, the Clubs will be able to set their own option for how they will handle collection of fees when an athlete is on a wait list for a class. The default is now set to defer collection until the athlete is off the wait list. If they want to collect, then refund if the athlete does not get in, then they can change the option. Under 'Setup==>Club Information', there is a link to 'Club Options'. On that page they can alter the option.

If the club will collect then refund, everything behaves as normal. If they choose to defer fee collection until the participant gets into the class, we will handle things in the following way:

When the participant is put onto the wait list, the invoice item will show a fee of $0.00. In addition, no applicable GO registration fee will be added. If there are multiple items on the invoice (some that get into classes, some that get wait listed), payment can be made for those items where fees have been applied. If the only item(s) on the invoice are wait list items with no fees, the balance owing on the invoice will be zero.

Once a participant is taken off the wait list using the procedure described above, a check is made to determine if there are any outstanding fees to be applied. In the case where the wait listed item is the only one on an invoice and therefore the invoice is still open, the real fee is applied and the invoice may now be paid. In the case where the wait listed item was part of an invoice contain multiple items which have been paid for, a new invoice will be created with the item for the class fees. In either case, any applicable GO membership fee will be added.


Other Notes:

  • The administrator will need to go to the POS process and apply the payment for the participant on their invoice.