Voiding one transaction in Converge will not effect the other transactions under the same card number.  

Further to that, any transaction that is recognized as questionable and sits in Current Batches (not settled)  can be "set to review"which holds it in current batches for up to five days until confirmation of the actual status of that transaction.   If it is deemed that the transaction should be voided, then continue with the void.  If it is determined that the transaction can go through and be settled then it can be set to "Release" and it will settle that day accordingly. Ideally, in order to avoid unnecessary fees, voiding is the ideal.

Ensure you go to Current Batches, Main, Credit Cardto reveal the "Set to review" and "Release" button options.

Any transaction that requires cancelling after Converge has settled, must be through a refund.  This can be done by finding the transaction in Settled batches, main, locate the transaction, drill into the card number, confirm its the correct record, scroll to the bottom, click generate refund, set the amount to refund (up to  the full amount of the original transaction only) and scroll to the bottom and click update at the bottom of the screen. The full card number is not required.