Our organization does not have one "principal" of the organization. It is a non-profit community association that is run by volunteer elected board of directors.

I have used my name as this person, however I do not have any “ownership”.

Elavon requests a  “Authorized Signer” for the application.we can designate "Non Responsible” 

Due to new Anti Money Laundering laws they now require Authorized Signer’s Home Address,City Postal Code. 

On the application form, there is not an appropriate type of business in the company information. We are not technically a business.  What do we use?

You can use the designation: Corporation (Financials provided) or Tax Exempt Organization (Documentation of Tax exempt Status to be provided)

What kind of approval process is required for the merchant account. I do not want to have a credit check ran on my personal name for this.

No credit check is required on the Authorized signer if Company financials or a Government document that shows Tax exempt status is provided