For clubs using the offline and online club management:

1) What would be the best reports to use to capture any financial information?

Clubs have the reports that they current use - as there are many -- 

One recommendation - Report - Online Registration - and any report selected below

Another report that I would recommend is to export your registrations for the each of the seasons - Reports _ Member Reports - Registration Report

And the last area - Report - Financial Reports - and a few reports listed below

2) Is there a way to export and save invoices

Please go to the following report - click on the Completed invoices, Completed Paid Invoices - Select ALL INVOICES - and then scroll to the bottom of the page and choose the OPTION - PRINT SELECTED INVOICES USING ADOBE ACROBAT - save the file to their computer.

Do this process for each season that they used the system.


Go to Reports - Financial Reports - Registration New Payment Report - click on the blue number as shown below