Step 4 - Programs and Classes

Click on Setup->Setup Classes (left side menu)

This process is used in conjunction with the Setup Programs you will create your class schedule after you ADD NEW classes to your list.  This is your MASTER LIST of classes, do not duplicate any classes here

If you have not created your programs, use the Setup Programs process to create them. Use this process to create your classes. You may set class information, minimum and maximum sizes, as well as fees.  (This information can be modified at a later time, in Step 5 to suit each individual class once a schedule is created.)  

 Classes may also specify a registration category. If this is done, then the system will check to see if participants are also registered to the specified category. If not, then a registration item is automatically created for that category and added to the Member's invoice.

 Click Add New to add a class to the system.  (note - this is not the schedule)

 Fill in the blanks for the new class – you do not specify a date or time in this area, that is done in the setup sessions.  This is where you enter the name of the class – such as Kindergym (it could be the same name as your program name)  

The description of the class that you add here, transfers over to your OLR to what your members see.  You must complete this area before you create your schedule.

 A few notes:

  • Duration of your class is calculated in minutes…so a 1.5 hour class would be 90 minutes

  • Participants attend – this option is where you choose if the class attends once, weekly, multiple times a week, weekdays, daily.

  •  This is where you also enter in the fee for the class, as well as a pro-rated fee per class, so if they register 2 weeks after the class has started, the system will deduct this amount from the class fee. 

  • The min/max attendance levels are also added here.

Click Save.