Step 5 - Class Schedules

It is now time to build your schedule.  This schedule will include all class times and locations for each session.  Some examples are: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer Camps, Summer Classes, HOliday Camps, PD Days, Birthday Parties, Competitive Program, Interclub Program, etc.


TIP:   If you are logged into the Beta Login – the system will automatically enter the “number of weeks” for your session based on the dates that you have entered.  This way, if you know your session is 15 weeks, but the system calculates 16 weeks, double check your start and end dates.


Click on Setup->Setup Sessions

Click Add New to add a new Session/Schedule

 Example: Fall 2013;  Winter 2014; Competitive 2013-2014; etc

*This is what the link will be for when your members register online…as well, it will also appear in the reports, to find your different sessions.  It is important to include the year, as part of your session, so that you can find it easier within the reports area.

 This process is used in conjunction with the Setup Programs and Setup Classes to create a class schedule.

Sessions consist of a number of classes scheduled over a time period.

Enter the Session Dates - the Sunday on/before your classes start and the end date is the Saturday on/after your last day of classes in the session. 

Enter the Registration Dates - this will open your session for registration to the Point of Sale (POS) to create an invoice.  If your club allows invoices to be created and modified up until the end of the session, please make sure your end date is the same as the last day of your classes (or arount that time).  NOTE:  If you do not see your session as an option when you go to create an invoice in POS, your Registration End Date has probably passed. You can modify this date at any time.

Enter the start and end times - this will allow you to schedule classes with that time period and not outside of the times.  If you enter 9 am to 9 pm, the system will not allow you to schedule a class at 8 am for that session.

Enter your AS OF Age Range for your Club - this will allow you to set how old the child has to be for the class, before they can attend.  If you do not see this option, please go to Setup - Club Information, Club Options...and choose Enter Date Range by Club at the bottom of the Club Options that are available.

Click Save

If you have not created your programs and classes, go back to Step 4 to Setup Programs and Setup Classes process to create them.


 If you need to exclude any dates from the schedule, use the [Excl-Dates] to remove the holidays or facility closure dates from the schedule.  

This MUST be done before clicking on Schedule to add all of the classes.


Choose your Session (Fall 2013) and click "SCHEDULE" beside it.

Click "ADD NEW" and choose the Program and Class that you would like to schedule first.  The system will auto-populate the class information and at the bottom you will see the option to add your Start Date and End Date for that class, as well as the option to select the day and time of the week the class should be scheduled at.

Click Save.  

To add the exact class at another time and date, just change the time and date and click add.  Do this step until all of those classes are scheduled.  

To choose a new program and class, just select from the top the program name and class name, and follow the same process to add them to the schedule.

Click "BACK" and it will bring you to the scheduled listing of all of your classes.

 Note:  When Adding Classes to a Schedule, selecting a Program Name from the drop down will auto populate the majority of the fields based on what was entered into the “class” parameters. If you need to edit a feature for any session class simply override the field box once the class is scheduled.

 When you are done, you will have your complete class schedule for the session period.

 Some Notes:

Per class Fee for ProRating - used for organizations that allow members to sign up after the session has begun, Members will only be charged a per class fee based on how many weeks remain in the session.