DO NOT use this method to setup your class fees - that is done via Setup Classes and Setup Sessions.

Step 6 - Setup Fees

Setting up Additional Fees

Examples:  Membership Fees, bodysuit, fundraising fee, building fee, administration fees, etc.


Click on Setup->Setup Fees (left side menu)

 This is where you create Fees that are IN ADDITION to the class fee.   Class fees are setup in Setup Classes

Add New Fees for each category – do not add duplicate fees for a single category.   Also, it is recommended to setup a generic fee for the category that can be used for each session.   (do not use group name such as Fall 2013)

Some examples are:

Provincial Governing Body Membership Fee ------ attach Artistic Recreational Athlete category ---- $31.00

Fundraising Fee…..$40 annual fee ---- do not attach a category to this fee

Gymsuit Fee…….$20 annual fee ---- do not attach a category to this fee


Some clubs may want to include an Administrative Fee with the Membership Fee and attach it to the category.  When a fee is attached to the category, that member will only pay that fee once a year - based on the fiscal year that is setup.

You are now ready to generate invoices in the Point of Sale (POS) system.