In Online Registration - how to I setup my limits to my registration (Registration Caps)

Option #1 - FEE TYPE CAP

This option is for when clubs have multiple fee types for one category.  

Example - Bantam House Goalie - Set Fee type - $100 and then Bantam House Player - Set Fee Type - $400


It would look like this in the Online Registration Setup - 




Option #2 - CATEGORY CAP

You would use the category cap for all other scenerios - unless you have unlimited spaces, then you would just leave each field under CAP to be UNLIMITED

To use the Category Cap - set your spaces for each category as shown below, using the similar example as above.  The Category Cap will include ALL registrations/invoices that are created in the Online Registration system as well as the Point of Sale system that the admin can use for manually entered registrations (or in person registrations).

Example - if the cap is set to 100 for the category in the online registration setup and 30 registrations were done through POS and 70 done through OLR then the cap will be reached.  No one else would be able to register online.  




HOWEVER - the Association Registrar can continue to register users through the POS system and override and exceed the cap that is set in the Online Registration setup.


Verify how many are registered 


To check to see how many spots are left for each category, Go to the Registration Report. This can be found under - Report _ Member Report _ Registration Report