With the changes being made to the Fitness Tax Credit for the 2017 tax year, Ivrnet will have the invoices updated in 2017 to no longer have the tax credit information on the invoice.

**The invoices for 2016 that are created and paid in that calendar year (even though the event/class takes place in 2017), will still use the current invoice.


Please note- the CRA has changed their guidelines with regards to the Fitness Tax Credit.  The link is listed below.


Please note the two areas of interest that appears on the above links.

Issuing receipts

You should issue a receipt for income tax purposes representing the amount of eligible fitness expenses paid in the calendar year. A receipt for amounts paid in 2015 should be issued for 2015 even if the activity takes place in 2016. 

A receipt should contain the following information:

  • organization's name and address
  • name of the eligible program or activity
  • amount received, date received, amount that is eligible for the children's fitness tax credit (eligible fees)
  • full name of the payer
  • full name of the child, and the child's year of birth
  • authorized signature


An authorized signature is not required for electronically generated receipts.





It is not an organization's responsibility to determine whether a child is eligible for the disability tax credit. If a parent tells an organization that a child is eligible for the disability tax credit, this should be accepted.