Please copy and paste the following website into your browser – this will bring you to the login page


Enter your Login ID and Password (if you forget, please submit a ticket to or click forgot password to reset it)

Your Login ID – 

Your Password – 

This is your Home Page – with the information on this account… now click on the TAB - Follow Me

(if the email address and phone number is incorrect – please update and click Submit


On this FOLLOW ME screen – this is where you can ADD a RULE or EDIT an existing RULE.


To Add a Rule – click ADD RULE

From here – enter the new phone number,

All Day – this means that the rule applies to the 24 hour period

Start Time and End Time – if you do not select All Day – enter in the times that this phone number is taking calls

Day of the Week – you can choose from Weekends, Weekdays, etc.

Click Save when done.


To EDIT a RULE that is already displayed – you must ‘hover’ with your mouse over the phone number and the dropdown menu will appear to either delete the rule or edit the rule. Choose the one you wish to use.



Click Save when done.

When you have finished your update – click LOGOUT to end your session.