Unfortunately we can not import any financial information into the new system.

The formatting and reports are different in the new system then they are in the old.  The old system also does not use GL codes as it does in the new.

You can export reports from the old ITSN system, as well, you can export individual invoices from the old ITSN system that will provide you with the information that you may need for reference.

If you have any outstanding credits that you wish to transfer over to the new system, you can add credits onto your member’s accounts and you can either have them use the credits by calling the office or, when using the new system, you can make the credits on account available to be used when your members register online (you currently can not do this in the old ITSN system).  You can also share the credits easily within a family group in the new system.

You do have the option to import your GL codes from your accounting software into the new system. So you do not have to manually enter these.  If you have new ones to add, as you continue to use the new system, you can do so at any time and assign them to programs and products accordingly.

Your current information that is in the ITSN system will be available after you transition over as well.  So you will have time to see what you need to keep, or not, after you have moved over.  You will be given plenty of time to export any information that you think you will need, before the old ITSN is shut down.

Most clubs use an accounting package to track their registrations by program/sessions by entering general journal entries each week/month/season, using totals from the ITSN system and assigning them to a Revenue Account in the accounting package.  This is a best practise in order to be able to provide accurate income statements for proper recording to the volunteer board of directors.  As well, for auditing purposes.

Please remember, ITSN is not an accounting package, but a registration package.  Ivrnet Central is also a registration package, but includes the options to assist in providing more accurate and precise recordings by programs by using the GL code system that is used by accounting packages.