These are the basis of the steps involved in the transition process.  If you are ready to start, please email us at and we will assign a Team Member to assist you throughout this entire process.

Step 1 – Agreement and MSA Signed

  • Minimum 1 year -  -- -for individual – now $2 per registration (not unique registration)

Step 2 – Implementation Meeting –

  • review current setup and determine what modules will be required for setup
  • introduction to team
  • decide when first training dates will be
  • 2 training sessions are included in the original contract price
  • additional training sessions are invoiced at an agreed priced
  • go live dates
  • import or not membership information – what fields? History of category registration – not class registration
  • Achievement levels can be imported ) PMO will setup existing levels and then import)
  • Invoices can not be brought over – you still have access via ITSN
  • GL Codes – customer can opt to import their GL codes

Step 3 – Ivrnet PMO Team setups account, and admin access

  • Logins and links provided for production site to customer
    • Customer has access to site to review system
    • Customer can start their setup of their production site
    • Customer can then attend training 1
    • After training – continue setup
    • Can submit tickets with questions to Customer Care/support
    • PMO Team will setup Merchant Account to new software
    • GL Codes – customer can opt to import their GL codes