Please follow the process below to start the domain transfer process away from Ivrnet.

1.  All outstanding invoices with Ivrnet must be paid for in full.  If you would like to confirm that this has been completed, please email for assistance.

2. Setup an account with Go Daddy, and make sure that the email address that you put on file, is the one you provide to Ivrnet to complete the transfer.  Click on the link below to setup an account with Go Daddy.  (you can use another domain name registration company, and then provide those details to Ivrnet after your account has been setup).

Another option in transferring your domain is going directly to the GO Daddy website to initiate the transfer of your domain by using the link below.  This link will also provide you additional information regarding Go Daddy services.

3. Once your account has been setup with Go Daddy, please submit an email to with the following information:

Club/Organization Name

Email address that was added to your new Go Daddy Account

Go Daddy Account Number

A note requesting the transfer of your domain to your new account.


4. Once Ivrnet's Customer Care Team receives this notification, please allow 24-48 business hours for us to process this item for you.  

We will transfer your domain into your account and respond back to the ticket that you submitted to our team with this request.

5. Once you receive the updated email from the Ivrnet Customer Care Team, please log back into your Go Daddy account to confirm the transfer process.