With new requirements and changes within the Merchant Account Services to accept payment during online registration, one of the new policies is that each organization must display their refund policy during the check out process.  Your customers will have to click to agree to these policies when they are checking out and paying online.   Please follow the instructions below, on where to make this update.

  If your organization does not have a refund policy, just add "no refunds on your purchase" so that your members/customers are aware that they can not ask for a refund.  

It is mandatory that each organization add something to this required field before going live with their next registration.  Thank you.

You only have to add this ONCE, then it will be available for ALL REGISTRATIONS that are turned live.  You can make updates at any time.

Follow this process:

To add your REFUND POLICY, please go to Setup - OLR setup, click Continue, click Edit Existing Registration, and click General Settings

The last field option - Refund Policy - is what you must update.  Please click Save when done.