Background Information:

  • The is the setup for storing credit cards in Central for customers who use Kixpay/Elavon as their Merchant Service Provider. 
  • Typically, Kixpay/Elavon charges $10.00/month for the tokenization module and a variable per transaction rate. We have negotiated with them, and they have agreed to waive this fee.

Request Tokenization:

  • When a customer requests the ability to store credit cards in Central, we must make the request to Kixpay. This feature will not be added automatically to all new customers. It is by request only.
  • Submit request to turn on "tokenization" to Request can be added to the lead comments in mypulsepoint and copied to Mark Bradford ( at Kixpay.
  • Once this has been activated, Kixpay will inform us that the card manager module has been added to the customer's account.

Setup Converge:

*** If we have the login credentials for the customer, we can do this setup for them. If not, please forward instructions to customer.

  1. Once the tokenization/card manager module has been added to a customer's account, the will see a "Card Manager" option in their menu options

  2. Hover over "User" and select "Find/Edit"

  3. On the next screen, do not enter any information; select "Find"

  4. You will now see a list of users. Click on the user ID that does not have "ADMIN" in the location.

  5. If it is the correct profile, you will see the option to select "Rights". If not, then you will have to select another User ID until you are able to select/edit the "Rights". Click on "Rights"

  6. Scroll down to the "Virtual Terminal - Tokenization" section. Make sure that all four options are selected: Generate Tokens, Card Manager-View, Card Manager-Add, and Card Manager-Edit. Click "Update".

Kixpay/Elavon should now be setup for the customer to store credits cards in Central. Make sure to test before informing the customer.